Frequently asked questions


How does Tiffin work?

How much does it cost?

What is the delivery cost?

How do I order?

I didn't like the order I got, what can I do?

Do you offer dinner and/or food on the weekends?

Is it possible to get a reminder to order?

How do I turn off my reminders?

When does your customer service close?

What is this "compensation food" you talk about?


My company wants to start ordering from Tiffin

What information is required from me to register?

Can I change my email?

I don't have a company provided email address

I forgot my password

I cannot sign in

I did not receive the confirmation email while registering

Register is not working


Where can I see my order?

Can I cancel my food?

I forgot to order ...

Can I change my order?

I did not receive the food that I ordered, what should I do?

What does the feedback button do?

Can I change my delivery location?

We are small company and the delivery fees are quite high

I want to recommend a restaurant

Can have different menu than my coworkers?

Why does it say "Menu not ready"?

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