Jazzed on Grains

Jazzed on Grains


Jazzed on Grains is a pasta studio. 

Our mission is to make the most scrumptious and diverse pasta.

We work with organic Danish farmers who grow an exciting array of old school grains. Grains with deep root systems that contribute to soil health and that absorb lots of nutrition from the soil. They burst with flavor, especially when they are cold stone milled, a gentle process that retains all the grains’ goodness.

Jazzed on Grains opened shop in Copenhagen in January 2022, to counteract commodification, which is all about making food uniform so it is easier to trade and process industrially. This already starts with the seed. So we joined an independent, organic seed breeding association that includes Danish farmers, millers and bakers. We became part of a local food system that is kind and resilient. 

My name is Simone, and I have been jazzed on grains ever since being introduced to the huge variety and deliciousness of heritage grains at a bakery and mill in California many years ago.

Jazzed on grains photo
jazzed on grains photo
Jazzed on Grains photo