Our restaurants are inspired by the Mission District in San Francisco with its taquerias and street kitchens. The vibrant and colorful neighborhood is a melting pot of different immigrant cultures from, among others, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, in addition to newly arrived hipsters, bohemians, and artists.

But above all, this is where most Mexican immigrants live. Therefore, the taquerias in the Mission District serve authentic tacos with a touch of American tex mex, as well as the neighborhood's very own version of the burrito, the world-famous Mission Burrito.

This cuisine is far from the Danes' idea of ​​tacky and cheap tex mex, but instead brims with fillings based on fresh and healthy ingredients - in line with the Californian spirit.

In short, Zócalo is a tribute to the fresh and original food culture of the Mission District in San Francisco.